Breast reduction hypertrophic scars

Younger patients cadeau pilotage circuit who require minor tissue extraction or a slight breast lift may be good candidates for this procedure.
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The mechanism of action remains unproven, but it is hypothesized that by maintaining a high level of hydration in the stratum corneum (part of the dermis keratinocytes and fibroblasts interact differently to reduce the production of collagen. Hypertrophic scars often are associated with hypersensitivity to touch (like clothing sliding across the skin and they may itch or be generally painful.To prevent irregular scarring, or to flatten and reduce the appearance of current scars, silicone gel sheeting should be worn. When applying silicone sheeting to very fresh scars, some patients may experience some breakdown of the affected tissue.Inverted-T Anchor mammoplasty, this is the most common breast reduction procedure that requires three incisions to be made.In one study, 20 women who underwent breast reduction surgery were enrolled into a study where the incisions of one breast were treated with silicone sheeting, while the other breast was left untreated as the control.This was then followed by clinical correlation in a scar prevention model with topical application of 1,4 diaminobutane for 12 weeks and measuring duredness, as well photographic and posas score data for quality of scar formation.No serious effects were seen and the only patients to stop participation in the study except 1 which was lost to follow-up could be accounted for.
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Treatment, intralesional Steroid Injections.
This can also be used as an adjunct with the surgical approach.
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However, our overall experience with members over the course of nearly 15 years here at BreastHealthOnline is that this really isn't very effective at all, and many people seem to develop allergic reactions.
However, this was usually accompanied by a valid reason such as lack of transportation to regular follow up appointments.Together, these incisions form the shape of an inverted-t or anchor.Use until desired results are obtained.More complex procedures that involve local rearrangement of tissue (flap) in order to help reduce the risk of recurrence may be needed in certain situations. Studies have demonstrated that silicone sheeting does not affect oxygen tension in the skin, increased pressure, or silicone oil in the local skin environment - all earlier theories for why silicone sheeting may affect scars the way it does.Post-operative care and scar management is an important step to ensure the best cosmetic outcome after your breast reduction procedure.

They are quite often mistaken for keloids but are usually far easier to treat and associated with a better long term prognosis.
 In the case of contact dermatitis, patients should be sure to clean the silicone sheeting and underlying skin thoroughly on a regular basis to prevent this effect.