Chevy concours wagon

I can haul the kids, dogs, groceries, car parts and endless possibilities.
Since 1994 Einstyn has been bringing you all the newest products and information specifically for the Chevelle wagon.Weve seen a handful of R D cars out here even Jim Wilders development cars for the Dodge Demon during Drag Weekend West but you might not expect a plain-white station wagon to be just as bleeding edge in the pursuit of speed.At Einstyn I pledge to support our country's economy by doing business with local companies.The car saw some magazine fair, with.Einstyn is the only supplier for many of these parts.But I had no idea I would own the car 20 years later.I am the moderator for the wagon forum and the web master for the wagon special feature page on Team Chevelle.So check out my long list of wagon reproduction and NOS parts made available only thru this web site.Total Seal Piston Rings Kevin Studaker has been hustling this 1972 Chevrolet Concours wagon for several years at Drag Week, toying with different LS combinations based on his own psychosis, with a little help of his resident inmates in the speed parts industry.
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N eed, sales: Since I have been working with Chevelle wagons, over the years the parts are disney place reduction getting much harder to find.
HOT ROD Drag Week 2018, powered by Dodge and presented by Gear Vendors Overdrive.
While Kevins wagon has ran a best.738 at 136.22 mph in the previous year, the unexpected consequence of some recent light weighting in the nose means that the front springs are too high of a rate for optimal weight transfer with less weight.When looking at a specific brochure, click the "thumbnail" images.Injection)Fuel Injector PumpFuel LineFuel PumpFuel Rail ( Misc.Sort by Distance/Select SortPart GradeDamage Units/MilesPriceYear.I bought the whole car for parts, but after looking at it at home it really started to grow on me and I decided that this wagon will not be a parts car.Select PartA PillarA/C CompressorA/C Compressor Clutch OnlyA/C CondenserA/C Condenser FanA/C Control ComputerA/C EvaporatorA/C Evaporator Housing onlyA/C Heater Control (see also Radio or TV Screen)A/C HoseAccelerator PartsAdaptive Cruise ProjectorAir BagAir Bag ClockspringAir Bag Ctrl ModuleAir Box/Air CleanerAir Cond./Heater VentsAir Flow MeterAir PumpAir Ride CompressorAir ShutterAir Brake.Car Craft and a handful of others, and thats actually when Kevin first laid eyes on the wagon.A Wiring Diagrams Manual generally covers Connector Repair Procedures, Wiring Harness Overview, Overall Wiring Diagrams, Fuse and Relay Information, idée cadeau pour fille de 14 ans Power Distribution, Fuse Details, Ground Distribution, Component Location Charts, Component Location Views, Vehicle Repair Location Charts, Component Testing and more.Cooling FanConnecting Rod, EngineConsole, FrontConsole, RearControl Arm, Front LowerControl Arm, Front UpperControl Arm, Rear LowerControl Arm, Rear UpperConvertible Top BootConvertible Top LiftConvertible Top MotorCoolant PumpCooling Fan (Rad and Con mtd.)Core (Radiator) SupportCowlCowl Vent PanelCrank Pulley (Harmonic Balancer)CrankshaftCruise Control ComputerCruise Control Servo/RegulatorCruise Speed ControlerCylinder Head (Engine)Dash/Interior/Seat.