Code reduction nouslibertin

code reduction nouslibertin

Hope this article helps you to convince yourself about the benefits of Continuous Code Quality, and if so, have a good overview of the different code review tools that exist in the market.
SonarQube architecture and integration Furthermore, you can configure Quality Profiles, which is the set of rules you want to be applied in the analysis and the Quality Gates, which are the code quality thresholds.
The idea is to add another stage to our Continuous Integration process, so anytime we want to merge new code in the main branch via Pull Request, our CI server (or a 3rd party service) will run this code quality analysis, setting the result into.We want to focus on software development and not spend time on maintaining a server/tool.Neither of them has the feature we like that marks the Pull Request as unsuccessful if the defined thresholds arent met.It also has other rules engines such as PMD, but it seems to be outdated (i.e The PMD version installed is not capable to read ES6 properly, so we had a lot of false positive issues).The first time you log in you can see a dashboard showing all your projects with a summary of the maintainability and test coverage per project.You notice that the Codacy team has invested in this area.Its an example of a good UX interface.At least in Javascript For example, it doesnt discriminate a normal function from a factory function (a way to create new objects in Javascript with functions so it gives a lot of false positive errors stating that the factory function exceeds the maximum lines.This is good if the default algorithm works fine for you, but if this is not the case, you cant extend.It has the best integration with your VCS (i.e Github, code promo pixum 50 Bitbucket or Gitlab).Time will say if we chose well or not.
Expiration: Bientôt, découvrir le Code, obtenir 15 de réduction sur commande de plus.
So that made us discard Code Climate since it doesnt have this integration with BitBucket cloud (our VCS).
Codacy It has the best UI of all analysed tools with a very clean user interface.
Define code quality goals and fine-tune thresholds for each code quality measure (i.e Test coverage over 80, No more than one critical issue).And finally, one point that can make SonarQube to be your choice is that you can download for free (thanks to its lgpl license) and host yourself, or you can use their cloud service called SonarCloud.The files at the top right corner, this is, files with a high technical debt with a high frequency of changes are more likely to generate bugs.Js for new ones (depending on the particular project).We finally had to make a balance between pros and cons and decide which requirements were mandatory and which werent.De même, sur notre site, vous accédez à des codes et bons plans pour NousLibertins.Library for uploading the test coverage result with ease.Maintainability vs Churn, it states there is an integration with several IDE/Text Editors such as Atom, Vim but I havent tested.So at first, it seems that it provides a more detailed analysis than the other tools (nevertheless, thats not completely true for Javascript).

Thus, we finally ended up with two options: Codebeat and SonarQube.
Our basic requirements: Full support for Javascript since it is the main programming language in our projects.
The term code quality is a bit vague in general but in our context, we can understand code quality as everything related to code consistency, readability, performance, test coverage, vulnerabilities.