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All that and more, plus John answers some of your questions in the "You Said It!" segment.
Global vehicles sales in the first half of the year were barely up compared to 2010 because of the disaster in Japan, a cooling market in China, and a drop in sales in Europe.
China Car Production to Soar - Battle of the Hybrids at Le Mans - Michael Schumacher Out of Coma - Car Buying with Smartphones Increases - FPV Goes Out With a Bang - Camaro Z/28 Nurburgring Track Tests passer concours prof des écoles 4 Business/Automotive 4 Mon, 14:00:00 -0400.
6:27 John McElroy cars, news, automotive, car sales, Nissan, Toyota, Volvo, UAW, Ford, General Motors, Honda clean no Saab is saved.4 Business/Automotive 4 Wed, 14:00:00 -0400 Episode 754 Ford Slips in Q3, Voo-Doo Quality Surveys, Honda Poised for cheque cadeau fictif a Comeback Ford has a good quarter but slips a bit in Europe and elsewhere.Lexus will show off a concept in Frankfurt with what it calls its L-finesse design language.General Motors will likely pay its hourly workers in the.S.The National Auto Dealers Association says prices for used compact and mid-size cars will drop by as much as 5 percent in June.4 Business/Automotive Thu, 13:51:18 -0400 Episode 705 - Opel's Frankfurt Reveals, Rear-Wheel-Drive Kia, Cadillac Converj Confirmed Opel plans to make a big splash at next month's Frankfurt Motor Show with three world-debuts: the Astra GTC, the Zafira Tourer and the Combo.VW in Deep Trouble 7:40 John McElroy cars, news, automotive, John McElroy, UAW, FCA, hybrid, pickup, California, Magna, production, VW, diesel clean no - 3D Printing Market Set To Explode - Continental Tests Dandelion Rubber - Jaguar Aggressively Prices F-pace - Land Rover Defender.Why Merger Talk Went Public 6:49 John McElroy cars, news, automotive, John McElroy, Sonata Hybrid, Toyota Hilux, electric ferry, Sergio Marchionne, mergers clean no - Hyundais First Plug-In Hybrid - Back Up a Trailer Like a Pro - Fiat Shows Stylish New Sedan.
Ford says some of its customers are really getting into black wheels.
4 Business/Automotive 4 Wed, 14:00:00 -04Honda Boosts.S.
Daimler announced it will drop the Maybach brand since it was unable to turn a profit in nearly a decade.
Now, find out why.
7:44 John McElroy cars, news, automotive, John McElroy, FCA, UAW, S-FR, FCV Plus, kikai, Impreza, viziv Future Concept, Lear clean no - UAW Threatens to Strike - Battery Prices Tumble - Volvo to Accept Autonomous Liability - Orange and Blue Cars Make a Comeback.
4 Business/Automotive 4 Wed, 13:00:00 -0400 Episode 774 - Mazda Manufacturing in Mexico, China Catching Up in Safety, Used Car Market Strong Mazda is moving production out of Japan to Mexico because of the strong value of the yen and the number of free trade.
Ford announces that CEO, Alan Mulally, will retain his position for at least 2 more years.4 Business/Automotive Fri, 14:24:56 -0500 Episode 538 - Ford Ties Honda in Loyalty, BMW 1-Series M Coupe, VW to Offer Fender Audio System Ford is now tied with Honda for the highest loyalty rates in the American market according to a study.D.To help with visibility, Kia treats some of the windows on the Cadenza with a hydrophobic coating.8:39 John McElroy cars, news, automotive, John McElroy, General Motors, Aston Martin, Hyundai, Carbon Revolution, Infiniti, Kia, electric vehicle clean no GM invests in Proterra Inc., a company that makes electric, fast-charging buses.Volkswagen is introducing a new commercial van for the UK market.

All that and more, plus guest host Jim Hall shares his favorite reveals from last weeks Detroit Auto Show.
Exports Mark a Company First - Corvette Reveals Another Technology Secret 6:57 John McElroy cars, news, automotive, John McElroy, Ford sales, aluminum, F-150, Corvette, Honda, South Korea clean no - Barra Bolsters Opel - Tesla Completes Charger Network - Could Japan be on the Rebound.