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O Led Zeppelin played to a reduction terre de marins total of 1,388,729 people on their 1977 American tour.
O "Remasters" - This two compact disc set set features the same picture of the crop circle used for concours bouclair the 4CD box cover, except that it is viewed from the opposite end.Dunnery, who is apparently a good friend of Plant, repeatedly referred to him as Planty' throughout the interview.A photo of the same pyramids, from slightly to the left and closer, is included in the "The Dark Side Of The Moon Twentieth Anniversary Edition" of the classic Pink Floyd album.Some of the material may no longer exist in BBC archives, and these radio broadcasts are the ones that turn up most frequently as bootlegs.O The Bombay Orchestra with which Plant and Page recorded version of "Friends" and "Four Sticks" in 1971 features along with western style instruments, native Indian ones such as tabla drums and sitars.O The bootleg cd "Stockholm '69" features the band running down a version of Otis Rush's "I Gotta Move" while Jimmy changes a string he broke on his pourquoi marine le pen peut gagner guitar.C'mon, you silly fucker!O The arabic script at the end of the video has been translated as, "The things we played or the songs they stay the same way".
As with Australian bootlegs in recent years, the covers loudly proclaim their unofficial nature.
O The cover of the album with it's bar-room sceen brings to mind the cover of another album.
The children were originally meant to be silver, not purple.
(Rear Cover) - Between two piles of felled trees.
O The working title for "Coda" was "Early Days And Latter Days".Using borrowed equipment Zep went ahead with the show and whilst Plant was singing at some point the microphone went dead.This last incident occurred in Vancouver, and Grant apparently, according to Richard Cole, a phrase which seemingly guarantess inaccuracy, had to give Canada a wide berth until the arrest warrant for him was finally lifted.O The reason for Eddie Kramer's non-involvement between the second and fifth albums was a dispute that broke out in Electric Ladyland studios in New York, where Kramer was the director of engineering.Some notable exponents of Chicago blues as Buddy Guy and Robert Cray.O There are quite a few things that a band might do that could hint to a Zeppelin influence.Was attended by Plant's bass player Charlie Jones, and his wife, Plant's daughter Carmen.He has written a highly entertaining account of that tour, "U2 Faraway So Close".The numbers and what they represent are: o 54 : The number of songs on the box set.This exists in both bootleg and extremely rare official versions.

The movie version of "No Quarter" deletes at least one guitar solo.
It is the Hermit character from the Tarot, a symbol of self-reliance and wisdom, and it was drawn by Barrington Colby.
But back then it was a problem." - The photograph on the cover was taken by Aubrey Powell, who trekked to the Giant's causeway in Ireland, Peru was considered as an alternative, with two children to try and fulfil the idea that Jimmy, Robert and.