Planetary hub reduction axles

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Tags: Axle For Wheelbarrow Rear Axle For Go Kart.Tags: Various Bicycle Parts Bicycle Axle.Tags: Tractor With Backhoe And Loader Tractor Backhoe Towable Backhoe.Gross train weight (ZGG) (t)A Overall width excluding tyres (mm)B Width over brake drums/hubs (mm)C Width between springs (mm)J Dist.Can you produce according to the samples9 A: Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings.
Together withMAN driven planetary-hub front axles (with orwithout drive-through) an 8 x 8 all-wheel-drivevehicle can be e axle beams and stub axles are of spheroidal-graphite cast e bevel-gear centre drive, the differential andfor drive-through axles, the spur gears, togetherform a single assembly that can easily.
To make check and replace easily, also come with the position of the exhaustion to remind customer to check and maintain.
The wheel hubs are of spheroidal-graphite castiron and incorporate the latest technical e planetary-hub axles are equipped with eitherdrum or disc e wheel bearings on honp and HU axles aremaintenance-free (hub units).
From flange face/centre of axle, splined (mm)DIN (mm)Wheel size (inches)G Number of wheel studs/pitch circle diameter (mm)Drum brakes, air-operated, cam-typeDisc or drum diameter (mm)Brake lining width (mm)Brake cylinder diameter (inches)Input flange diameter, cross-splined (mm)DIN (mm)Differential lock, optionalWeight without wheels, including oil (kg)HP-1352-F13.028.5394.522.510/ / Previous type.
DAF rear axles for various models in good working condition.This is known as single reduction (all gear reduction takes place in the pinion/crown wheel meshing).We are professionally engaged in manufacturing and selling Dongfeng commercial vehicle accessories.Welcome to our Store Jinan Yuki Bearing., Ltd.Where a smaller crown wheel is required (to give greater code promo dougados ground clearance) a secondary gear reduction is arranged in the hub of each drive wheel.The hub reduction can be epicyclic or spur geared.Bodywork: Mercedes-Benz, chassis: Mercedes-Benz O405, engine: Mercedes-Benz OM447h, gearbox: Mercedes-Benz W4E112/2.2R 4-speed automatic transmission with retarder.

Depending on the number of teeth on the pinion and the crown wheel, revolutions can be typically reduced from 3 to 7 times.
The hubs contain either4 or 5 planet wheels and run in needle rollerbearings.