Reduction dictionary

Times, Sunday Times (2006)This suggests a dramatic reduction code promo la compagnie du blanc 2018 in his media appearances in contrast to the first half of last year.
The Sun (2010)There have been huge reductions in the cost of marine electronics.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)They want to see more permanent reductions.
(computability theory) a transformation of one problem into another problem, such as mapping reduction or polynomial reduction.A 5 reduction in robberies (chemistry) A reaction in which electrons are gained and valence is reduced ; often by the removal of oxygen or the addition of hydrogen.We must push for a reduction in the size of our classes.Times, Sunday Times (2016)It does not take account of the vast sums required to meet carbon reduction targets.Times, Sunday Times (2012)The reductions will come through voluntary departures and by leaving open positions unfilled.A keyboard solo based on a full opera.Times, Sunday Times (2016)Such reductions also cost money.These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.Levi International Finance: The markets and financial management guess ca promo code 2017 of multinational business.Read more, then we may see a reduction in prices by the greedy companies ripping us off.(1983)What neither did was produce a sustainable reduction in the size of government.
(music) An arrangement for a far smaller number of parties,.g.
Times, Sunday Times (2011)Many churches have established " salary reduction agreements " to handle certain staff expenses.
The process of reducing something is reduction, or making it smaller.
We must press for a reduction in the number of students in a class.Times, Sunday Times (2011)We would expect to see a reduction in reports about a lack of dignity.Times, Sunday Times (2009)There has been a 60 reduction in dependence.Times, Sunday Times (2016)This is not sustainable and often results in a loss of jobs and a significant reduction in shareholder value.The Sun (2010)But just as important as the amount of reduction is the way it is done.Reduction is the act of cutting back or making smaller, like the reduction of a school budget that makes it necessary to eliminate art and music programs.

Times, Sunday Times (2008) Thus deficit reduction becomes a process, rather than a goal, which they use to advance their own interests.
Previous studies have focused on reductions in mutant protein as a therapeutic approach, such as intrabodies and artificial polypeptides, which target the polyQ domain.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)The changes will involve a 16 per cent overall reduction in staff.