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To discuss your options in getting this handled.
By doing so mankind will not only survive, but we will thrive.
In the early 1800s, or about 199,800 of the way into our modern existence, we got to our first billion in population.Climate Change with the planet heating up and ice caps melting due to carbon emissions, there are serious opportunities for carbon offsets. .There are humongous opportunities for energy consulting, auditing, alternative energy products and services, industrial design and manufacturing, and.Ozone Layer Depletion known as our natural sun screen, it limits ultraviolet (UV) radiation to levels necessary for life on earth. .Air Pollution according to the World Bank ( www.The entrepreneur / intrapreneur (entrepreneur in a cadeau jaune large corporation) that will be at the forefront of making this.Forest and Fisheries with approximately 70 of the worlds major marine fisheries depleted, major opportunities arise in food manufacturing, education, biology, vegetarian products and services, alternative farming practices, environmental non-profits and.
So let's listen to Einstein and start applying our UnReasonable thinking. .
There are many opportunities to improve air quality controls through products and services, emissions testing, auditing, consulting, air filters, and.
Biodiversity and Land Use when huge tracks of rainforest, the home of many, many species of plants and animals are burned down to grow one crop (i.e.
He asked, Professor Doering, do you think we are going to be able to stop destroying ourselves and the planet before it is too late?
So it is quite understandable the planet is struggling trying to keep up with sufficient resources in food, water and energy with our population growing so rapidly.
Product design, consulting and monitoring resources are just a few of the many, many opportunities available in water management.Heres the difficult part to comprehend: since 1964, the year I was born, the population has more than doubled.65 billion people. .And over the next 10 years we will be adding an additional billion people to the planet!Entire financial models and markets are being developed and implemented in Europe and now the US around this issue along with a whole movement towards making lower-impact products and services in virtually every industry imaginable: manufacturing, construction, transportation, energy, etc.I hesitated on my knee-jerk answer and thought about it for a minute. .Now, twenty years later, I still want the answer to be the same, yet feel more like Al Gores response, which is Yes, but only.E-mail me and well set up a time to speak.

Water according to WorldOMeters ( fo ) over.3 billion people worldwide currently do not have access to drinkable water. .
And the US is not immune as it has become a major issue in our drier states. .