Reduction of permanganate

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Acetylene (you can get it by dissolving calcium carbide ) in water can be oxidized by potassium promo mont d or permanganate in both alkaline and acidic mediums: 3CH 8KMnO 3KCO 2HO 8MnO 2KOH ( alkaline medium CH 2KMnO 3HSO 2CO 2MnSO 4HO KSO ( acidic medium ).
2 : 1 maint: Multiple names: authors list ( link Collective Volume, 11,. .Potassium permanganate is used as a disinfectant.The precise products of reactions depend on the conditions of oxidation.In alkene oxidations one intermediate is a cyclic Mn(V) species citation needed : Compounds edit Ammonium permanganate, NH4MnO4 Calcium permanganate, Ca(MnO4)2 Potassium permanganate, KMnO4 Sodium permanganate, NaMnO4 Silver permanganate, AgMnO4 Magnesium permanganate, See also edit References edit Sukalyan Dash, Sabita Patel Bijay.According to izy e voucher theory, permanganate is strong enough to oxidize water, but this does not actually happen to any extent.Have questions or comments?"2-methyl-2-nitrosopropane and its dimer".
"Carboxylic acids from the oxidation of terminal alkenes by permanganate: nonadecanoic acid".
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The medium of the solution also influences the products of reaction.
2 : 315.; Collective Volume, 16,. .
It can also dissolve in ammonia, acetone and methanol.
Many other organic compounds are also oxidized by potassium permanganate: A burette with potassium permanganate solution Wikimedia chch 2KMnO chcook 2MnO KOH HO (toluene is oxidized when boiled 3choh KCrO 4HSO 3chcho KSO Cr(SO) 7HO (heating is required, if an excess of oxidizer is added, oxidation.
"Oxidation by permanganate: synthetic and mechanistic aspects".Chemical properties of potassium permanganate, potassium permanganate solutions.Permanganate(VII) is a strong oxidizer, and similar to perchlorate.The exact chemical reaction is dependent upon the organic contaminants present and the oxidant utilized.Wikimedia, obtaining potassium permanganate, the salt can be obtained by different methods: 2MnO 3Cl 8KOH 2KMnO 6KCl 4HO; 2KMnO Cl 2KMnO 2KCl; 3KMnO 2HO 2KMnO MnO 4KOH.Oxidation by potassium permanganate in an acidic medium is the most widely practiced: 4KMnO HSO 10HNO MnSO 3Mn(NO) 6HO 4KNO.In a concentrated solution, potassium permanganate has a rich purple color, and in a sufficiently diluted solution, it is pinkish.7 : 1 maint: Multiple names: authors list ( link Collective Volume, 60,. .Murillo; Manfred Bochmann (1999).