Reduction skylantern

reduction skylantern

Lanterne Volante, neon, lampion concours commun adjoint administratif d etat Papier, pompon Papier, guirlande Lumineuse.
The venue of the experiment Voronezh oblast.
The open end of the balloon is stuck with a bamboo ring to attache the fuel.
The purpose of the experiment: to examine in Detail the "sky lanterns" as the object, mistakenly taken for UFO, and show the possible witnesses of the peculiarities of their observations.You can watch the video of launching Sky lanterns here: Advertisements.Main color: white, green, red, blue, purple, pink, orange.Manufactured lanterns are divided into small, medium and large.In the lower part of a burner, fixed on a thin wire.We found him, he was convinced that he was fully extinguished and did not cause the damage, then took him to throw it in the trash on the road.Sky lantern (Chinese lantern) flying glowing paper design rice paper, a bamboo ring, burner.Traditional torch made from a piece of cotton cloth, impregnated with wax, or of porous paper impregnated with flammable liquids.
In modern lanterns the burner sometimes made of combustible polymers.
Photograph after landing, we traced the entire path of the sky lantern, until the burner is not extinguished, and the lantern did not fall combien j ai gagné a euromillion on the field.
Article, wind West 2m/s humidity.
And when a series of pictures or shooting video even for a UFO landing, especially if it sets over distant objects.
However, some made lanterns at home, such as garbage bags.
Step 4: Attaching the fuel, the wire used must not be very thick otherwise it may increase the weight of the sky lantern, also it should not be very thin otherwise it would melt with the heat.
Lampion LED, boule Chinoise Alvéolée, rosace en Papier, attrape Reve.With a distance of about 50 meters is a bit more complicated: it turns the flashlight to the observer in a shimmering speck with clear outlines and UFOs are only accepted at the first casual glance, and only by direct observation, photo and video also.Most often, there was evidence fixing "sky lanterns in Friday and Saturday (day of wedding) 1-5 sites; public holidays and mass celebrations (flash mobs) more than 20 objects; single runs can occur any day.Make lots of them and launch them together, sky lanterns when launched looks visually stunning.When heated, the air density becomes smaller, and accordingly with a limited volume and its mass.