Remise a zero maintenance bmw e87

The undercarriage has some minor damage and the resonator is a little lumpy.
It's been a year with ups and one down.Thirteen years ago now.Set me back 600 which is par for course in SF Bay Area.To my horror she thought the car would clear it so she aimed right for it, unfortunately she was not in her Subie forester.I DIY'd the standard yearly oil change.It got fresh fuel filter, brake fluid, diff fluid, trans fluid, and spark plugs.Sfs lab studio 950.Now for the bad.Reviving my own thread again.
I went to a couple of body shops to get an idea of how they would repair the undercarriage damage but have not had it done yet.
It did the cooling system refresh and drive belts in July 2014 so now I'm waiting cadeau d anniversaire femme 70 ans for ofhg, disa, and CVV to act up but all is good now.
Here are a couple of gratuitous pix from the last wash session.On that trip to SoCal, my friend was driving on I5 and hit a rock.I am now a little past the 13 year mark and now with 63k miles.Maintenance wise, I had my Indy do some work at 60k mostly due to lack of time.First the ups: 5k miles and no mechanical issues.Last edited by FredoinSF; at 12:58.Since the car is never in rain or snow I'm not concerned about rust creeping in, but I need to make a decision and get this repaired.Part of the miles were longer trip to southern CA and a 10 week stint as a daily driver while SO's 4 series was on the boat after Euro Delivery.BMW s Euro Delivery.