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Finster's dragon is Randall.
"Not Just Cartoons: Nicktoons!Is like saying fish enjoy water.Milligan, Mercedes (June 21, 2012).You Never Asked : The Cool Old Lady who has had balls flying into her yard for years has always wondered why none of the kids bothered coming to her front door and asking for their balls back.Blue and Orange Morality : The Law of the Playground can be this at times.Whoopi Epiphany Speech : Subverted.Drunk with Power : Gus in code promo b&you 50 go "King Gus" after becoming temporary king while King Bob is out with tonsilitis.The laboratory is filled with Dexter's inventions and can be accessed by speaking passwords or by activating hidden promo dyson v6 total clean switches on Dexter's bookshelf (e.g.
Only Known by Their Nickname : Several characters, to the point where even the teachers don't seem to know their real names.
Miss Finster was less sinister sounding in the early episodes of season one.
Shout-Out : Ashley Spinelli's last name is a reference to Maniac Magee novelist Jerry Spinelli.
If I Were a Rich Man : After.J.And the gang all get sick after they play in the rain at the end of "Rainy Days." Central Theme : The Power of Friendship can accomplish more than what one can do alone, and to enjoy childhood while it lasts.Robo Cam : Parodied in "Gus's Last Stand where Gelman is looking for Gus through this trope.21 References edit Moore, Scott (July 21, 1996).Limited Wardrobe : Even the fashion-conscious Ashleys rarely change clothes."Dexter's Laboratory: Mandarks Laboratory".Andyesphysical clues, including such examples as a cut-out piece of a curtain, a torn photograph (for reassembling handkerchiefs smelling of various perfumes, or a poisoned pellet to be tasted.Leitmotif : A few characters have one, notably Butch, the Ashleys, the Diggers, the kindergarteners, Cornchip Girl, Randall, Hustler Kid, and King Bob.A kid notices Gus playing a guitar and tells TJ and the others to get the heck out since Gus was a one-man army in dodgeball in a previous school.

81 Madman Entertainment released season one and part of season two in Region 4 in 2008.
E Miss Grotke, though she's more "cute" than "sexy".