Wayward pines promo

wayward pines promo

Ben was put in suspension because the First Generation hates Ethan, who they blame for Pilchers death.
Did the humans go back to sleep?
What is Rebecca hiding from Theo?
Theresa arrives and gets the doctor, who says they shouldnt move Amy since she just had major surgery.Theresa goes to the hospital to get Ben while Ethan directs the townspeople to the bunker under Plot.Estreno: Jueves 3 de Octubre con 10 episodios seguidos.While preparing to move everyone, Ethan shows Ben how to use a gun, promo item worth aj and Ben apologizes for what he said.She promises to meet her husband there.
Mi opinión, la Under the dome del próximo verano?
Qué, basada en la novela de Blake Crouch.
As the explosion rings through the elevator shaft, Theresa cries while Ben looks over the edge but is knocked out by falling debris.
Read on to find out which"s were the best of the bunch!First Generation " and plans to contain Wayward Pines to preserve mankind.This is a comprehensive database dedicated to the new series on FOX called.Read on to find out!Season 2 Is Now ROlling, loading RSS data.Find out when you scroll through.Kate and the rebels arrive and open fire on the Abbies, saving some, including Arlene, who they direct to the bunker.He tells Kate to find Pilcher and make him turn on the power.Our content is always fresh, fun, and reaches thousands and thousands of readers every day.Ethan promises that they will get through this.Person of interest Parece que los productores de Person of interest parecen dispuestos a mantener a Shaw, en contra de un sector de los fans de la serie.